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A little bit about us and how we started Mix-N-GO Concrete Services:  This is a wholly family owned and operated company. I, Philip Strait of Strait Plumbing, have been a Plumbing Contractor for over 32 yrs in the Denver Metro area and I have seen the need and demand for small loads of concrete, needed on various projects, time and time again.  Such as patching ditches and concrete floors, Caissons for decks, fencing, kickers for utility contractors, etc.  If you try to order a short load of concrete from a large company, you get short load fee's and surcharges which can hike the price of a yard of concrete up to $500+ with delivery and you are on their scheduling time.  This can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get delivered.  It is difficult to get a small load of concrete at a moments notice because the large companies are very busy doing large loads.  So therefore we've created Mix-N-Go where a contractor or home owner can order, pick up and/or have delivered a 1/4yd of concrete up to 2 yards of freshly mixed concrete.  This can be ordered to meet your schedule and construction needs.


4640 Brighton Blvd

Denver CO, 80216

Tel: 720-949-1677

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